This dynamic massage provides deep and active bodywork to improve mobility, balance, and movement. The Thai massage involves fluid movements adapted for the table. Unlike spa massage, this session is fully clothed. Clients will be twisted and stretched to mobilize tissues to their fullest potential. It’s recommended to wear loose clothing, like you would for the gym or yoga class. Normally this type of massage is done on the floor on a thick cushion or futon mattress. It is certain to boost your energy, increase your circulation, and improve the range of motion of your joints.


Clients seeking a traditional form of spa massage can find relaxation, improved circulation, and let the stress melt away. We use a whipped shea body butter to moisturize and restore your body without the grease.

Kathryn Nycz

Bradford is incredibly knowledgeable and intutive when it comes to addressing and treating pain and discomfort. I recently went to him with concerns regarding my achilles tendon and calf muscle. He was able to release the tension in my calf muscle. He was able to release the tension in my leg and I have been pain free since. Great massage.

Tyler Sondag

Just like Thailand (but didn't have to travel so far). The only other place I've ever gotten a massage like this wai in Thailand itself. I'd been dealing with some lower back pain, and Bradford simply asked what needed attention, felt a couple of muscles, and took care of the rest. I'd definitely recommend for anyone who's athletix and has specific parts of the body need work, sits at a desk for the day job, or needs something a bit more than the regular routine massage-wise. Will definitely be back.

Julie Schuldt

One of the only massage experiences that provides long lasting pain relief. highly recommend active massage to anyone, but experiencespecially those who are physically active and/or have chronic pain.

Allie Holm

Bradford in extremely knowledgeable and very professional. He is always attentive to your needs. I walk out of the appointment feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world, every time! Would definitely recommend working with Bradford.

Scott May

I had an awful flair-up of biceps tendintis and got a recommendation to come see Bradford. I started to get immediate relief of my tendintis during the session. He talked with me extensively about what causing the issue and was a great communicator. Within 2-3 days my pain was totally gone. Not only did Bradford do a great job with focused treatment on my problem area, but also in delivering a much need relaxation massage elsewhere. Being a nurse on my feet all day gives me a real appreciation for a good leg massage. I would recommend him to anyone in the Healthcare industry or any athletes as he seems to really know what he is doing for injuries and muscle fatigue. I will be recommending him to my coworkers for sure.

Daniel Gomer

I was in a very stressed out place when I visited Bradford. After our initial consultation I was feeling so much better. very needed! I will definitely be back soon.

Allison Gomer

I love Bradford's style of massage. He's able to focus on specific places of your body with precision while making the experience extremely enjoyable!! He's very personal, professional and kind. You can tell he cares yourfor your wellbeing and is passionalte about massage.

Malissa Golemboski

I was struggling to find a new quality massage therapist after my previous one moved out of town, then I lucked out and found Bradform. He always pays attention to what is bothering me and concentrates on the areas that need it the most instead of just going through the same routine every time like some MT I have been to in the past. I highly recommend paying him a visit.