You can blame your genetics, gender, or hormones for where and how much hair you grow, but at BALD we don’t take those things into account. We remove hair for the same price whether you are male or female, big or small, very hairy or only sparsely so. In addition, our aestheticians and physicians do not accept tips, so all you need to do when you are done is pay up and go.


Subscribe and be smooth while you save! If you sign up for a monthly subscription, you can choose a bundle of your choice and it will cost the same whether you want waxing or laser hair removal. Just don’t skip, because subscriptions don’t roll over month-to-month.

  • The Front Wall
    Chest + Abdomen
  • The Upstairs
    Full upper body
  • The Basement
    Brazilian/Manzillian + Full Butt
  • Gut Job
    Front Wall, Back Wall, Brazilian
  • The Back Wall
    Full Back + Full Butt (includes crease)
  • The Downstairs
    Full Lower Body
  • The Attic
    Full Face, Ears, and Neck (scalp not included)
  • The Full Renovation
    Downstairs, Upstairs, Attic, Basement-this is a full body laser

Prices above include nitrous oxide for pain relief.
No tipping and no hidden fees – the prices above are final!

We also offer additional services such as Botox.
Please call, email, or stop in for more information.

We also accommodate appointments outside of those available online.
If the desired appointment time is not found,
please text us for an appointment.


We also offer waxing parties for your special occasion!

Girls or guys weekends, bachelorette, bachelor parties, team bonding, we’d love to help you celebrate.

Contact us today at 720-767-0770 or bald@balddenver.com to learn more and schedule your waxing party.

Gift Certificates

Want to give the gift of painless waxing?

Contact us today at
720-767-0770 or email us at bald@balddenver.com
to purchase a gift certificate.